11 Questions to ask before hiring a web designer

Think your web designer as your business partner. Your website designer should be good to help you reach your business goals. Whether having a website designed brand new for the first time or redesigning an existing one, your final decision will affect the productivity of your website. Meeting with your web designer must be like an interview. You need to understand his\her approach in order to find the right person for your project. Even 5 minutes will be enough to know your web designer.

Here are some questions you should ask a web designer to understand that you need him\her or not. Once you get answers from web designers it will be clear to choose which one. You may have already thought of some of these, but others may be new to you.

1. How long have you been doing website design?

The time of the experience can actually give you an idea how your web designer knows the industry. You should look for designers who have five or more years of experience.

2. Could you show me your portfolio?

The portfolio of your web designer depicts his\her style and quality of work. Most of the web designers do not show all of their works. They prefer to choose best ones which they think will attract new customers. This question can make it apparent if you run the risk of a design mismatch.

3. Do you have references from your past clients?

Previous references can say you a lot about your potential web designer. It can be more effective to know him\her. Actually, you will not have to listen to the presentation for an hour.

4. When will my website be ready?

You need to know when you can use final project. How long it actually took to build the site? This question requires the designer to talk specifically about how he\she can respond to your project.

5. Will I be able to make changes on my website?

You should know if you can work with your web designer in the future if changes require. Most of the web designer can offer you long-term relationships at a lower price.

6. Could you build a responsive website?

Creating a website version for each resolution and new device would be impossible, or at least impractical. Responsive web design term is related to the concept of developing a website design in a manner that helps the layout to get changed according to the user’s device screen resolution.That’s why you need a responsive website.

7. How well is your content creation skills?

Content is important as much as web design. You need to know what kind of content will be on your website. Sometimes web designers prefer to work freelance content managers. You can ask to arrange a meeting with the content manager and be sure that you give all of the details about the content of the website to them.

8. What will you do to make my site ‘search engine friendly?

Search engine optimization is an important part of the website. If you do not have a professional team working on the SEO of your website ask this question. SEO is something that should integrate into your website from the very beginning.

9. Will you give me the originals of files?

You need original versions all of the visuals which will be used to build your website’s appearance. You will never know what will happen next day.  It will make your life all the more easy in the long run when you want to change something.

10. How do you track the success of your websites?

Data and analytics must be your foundation. Your website can be beautiful, even a piece of art. However, you can’t judge the website by its cover. So you need detailed reports about traffic on your website.

11. What will happen if I don’t like the design?

You need to clarify everything. If you don’t like design will he\she change it and offer you a new one? Sometimes they can require additional payment for making changes or designing from zero.

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