Common SEO Mistakes that everybody does.

Today SEO optimization is one of the most important elements in online marketing. Search algorithms constantly changing but that makes SEO still actual. It is sometimes hard to adapt to the reality where is everything is changing so fast. The most important question is how to handle so much new technique and tools that search algorithms suggest us? The best thing we can do about it is to avoid the most common and obvious mistakes that everybody does.


Here we did a research to help you to avoid some of the most common mistakes in SEO Optimization.



Here are the mistakes that you need avoid to make your site work as it should. We made the list of top ten SEO mistakes.


# 1 – Wrong keywords

 The most important thing in SEO optimization is selecting and introducing the right keywords on the site that your target audience looking for. Do you choose them correctly?

One of the most common mistakes selection of irrelevant keywords. The right keywords can show you the right address of your target audience. You must understand what is the most common name for your product and services to your potential clients. In spite of how you name your products and services, users can use very different queries to find such services. Sometimes the right terms can mean something completely different, or too general.

Use: Keyword planner from Google AdWords, Google Trends, SEMrush to select the appropriate keywords.


# 2 – Spamming with keywords

One of the most common mistakes uses of keywords in each sentence. That wouldn’t increase the position of the site in the search. This is not the right strategy. In fact, oversampling keywords only hurts the site.

This approach will create unnatural and useless content for your visitors. Today Google has a special semantic search “Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)”, which recognizes the theme of your content without having a large number of keywords.

Latent semantic indexing is an algorithm of search that helps to analyze web pages in terms of the presence of the content the keywords and synonyms and words closely related to keywords of the topic.



# 3 – Creating content based on keywords

Another common mistake is when SEO creates content on the site. Often it is done to increase positions for certain keywords. But this is not the right approach.

Google wants to help its users to find the necessary content, but when the content is created only based on keywords, it is won’t be useful to users.

Your main goal should be to create really useful content, with using the right keywords. But make sure content is created based on the topic, not the keywords.



# 4 – Not original content

  The next typical mistake is related to the quality of the content.  You must create the quality content that will really help people to solve the problem. It is also important to know what people want to know the most. What is the most common problem?

We also recommend you to write according to on your own thoughts and vision. Your vision of problem is original and nobody sees the problem the same as you. Be original.

Only unique content works. Instead of finding someone else’s text and rewriting it, it’s worth investing in creating original and useful content.



# 5 – Not optimized meta tags (Title and Description)

    Content optimization it’s not done when you add keywords to an article. Title and Description are also important SEO elements you shouldn’t forget about.

Often, webmasters forget about Alt and Title tags of images.  You can help your search engine to understand what is shown in the picture by filling in the Title and Description because often your search engine doesn’t know how to understand what is shown in the picture.


# 6 – External links

It is important to understand that the quality of external links is more important than their number. Make sure that you get it from trusted websites. It is also important to refer to the trust sites of your industry.



# 7 – Internal Linking

  Put your links to the most effective pages. You need to make sure that you do not put internal links just for the sake of putting them if they are not relevant to the content of the page.



# 8 – Ignoring the mobile audience

   SEO optimization is not only working on content, keywords and links. SEO optimization also includes the quality of the site,  its speed and convenience of browsing on mobile devices.

Search engines can understand how your site will be displayed on mobile devices and will take this into account when ranking for mobile users.


# 9 – Ignoring social networks

   Take an advantage of using your content on social networks to increase the reach of the target audience. One of the main criteria for the effectiveness of work in social networks should be to attract potential customers.


# 10 – Ignoring the site analytics

 The last thing you should know is if your SEO is working in progress. Regular analysis of data in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools is of primary importance for SEO.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, are only two of the most important tools that you need to use to measure site performance. They will help you to see how different content, promotion strategies work and with their help can see what needs to be improved.



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