Longtail Keyword


If you’re investing your money or time in SEO (search engine optimization) for your company’s website, you probably have at least a several keywords in mind that you want to rank for in search engine results. For example, if you’re an SEO | Web Design company in Los Angeles, you’ll probably want to rank for keywords like Web Design services Los Angeles, Los Angeles SEO, etc. Most of the SEO nerds call these “head” keywords. But in addition to this high traffic (and most likely top competition) head keywords, a well-thought-out SEO strategy will also target long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are more extended, specific keywords that have less traffic, and generally, less competition than head keywords. For example, if you’re an SEO company, “ Best SEO companies in Orange County ” would be an appropriate long tail keyword to target. Even though a given long tail keyword might have a less search volume than a head keyword and long tail keywords make up the majority of search questions. And like we stated earlier, these expressions generally have less competition, giving you more likely to show up on the first sheet of search results and more likely to get the click.

The “typical keyword” would have too much variance, but because the long tail example is much more targeted and likely to produce the best results and click-throughs. We are going to look at some of the necessity of using long tail keywords. This is to make us realize what this kind of keyword entails and why you should approve it for a better search engine optimization.

Longtail Keyword


Let’s start with competition. Most common business organizations and sites rank something comprehensive. Let’s use an example of software. If you have a small company dealing with software, it’s most likely that your search engine results will nevermore get a chance to see the green light. This is because well-established firms have already ranked their products with a similar keyword. Instead, go for a longer keyword such as “business accounting software for small businesses” may work best for you. This is because not many corporations may consider ranking their products using such a long tail keyword thus less competition leading to profits.



Long tail keywords have an impressive research capacity. Various people attending for a unique result on the internet usually develop on what he/she is looking for. For example, a person exploring for laptops which vary between $1000 -$2000 will always include the price part. This will commence to his keyword becoming longer, leading to the specific type of laptop he/she was looking for. Google revealed that keywords with the 4-5 word are mostly searched link to a one-word keyword, although this number manages to decrease as words increase.



A significant amount of SEO today is coming up and sharing content. Some of these contents may be similar. It is thus necessary to naturally fix in your keywords. An excellent example of doing this includes keywords into a post on your blog. This is to allow the blog post to appear in research over time. Most keywords that are involved directly are long tail keywords. Practicing the same keywords over and over again may drive to negative results. For example, Google may consider you a spammer thus leading to a ban or penalty. Spam keywords are often connected with short keywords. Using different, long tail keywords enhance the natural flow of your post.



Another important phase of using long tail keywords is that it helps you in connecting with your audience. Writing high quality, useful content will earn development in search engines. Long tail keywords give a real clue as to the type of material you offer. The kind of audience gathering our website will already have an idea as to what you suggest. At some period, you will want to sit down and come up with a useful long tail keyword. The perfect of doing this is analyzing which keywords deliver traffic to your various site pages and then incorporate them as keywords.



Due to limited competition, some people are requesting on them therefore cheap. Broad keywords may lead to valuable. This is because successful firms in the market use them regularly, meaning that there is a vast number of people requesting on them. It is thus cost-saving to go for long tail keywords which are quite lower but still useful as well since most people visiting your website are most likely to buy your products.


Various people who opt for long tail keywords manage to look for a specific something or product. Such people have previously spent some time doing research, therefore, narrowing down to their particular part. This is not the problem when it comes to full words; this is because researchers are still in research mode, most of them even not sure on what they want. Regarding our primary example of software, a person researching for software may not be confident which type of software does he want, whereas people searching for business accounting software for small businesses is sure of what they want, leading to high conversion rate.

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