Which part of SEO is important?

A full SEO campaign has different steps. Each of these steps is important to achieve success. Though it is hard to say that one step is important more than another, we will try to clarify which aspect of SEO is the most important. Let’s begin to understand the process of SEO. 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is the process of getting organic traffic search results on search engines such as “Google,” “Yahoo,” “Bing” etc. SEO is constantly moving, changing and improving. You must make sure you keep up-to-date with best practices to claim the best possible rankings for relevant keywords. Here are the steps to full SEO campaign:

1. Problem Identification

The first step is always important. To plan successful SEO campaign firstly, you should identify the problem. You should monitor the website; you may have been hit with a Google penalty. Do not forget that you should spot Google penalties before they hurt your business.

2. Keyword research

If you want to learn your target audience as a whole, to find out which words, terms, and phrases to target with SEO you should research your market’s keywords. You do not need to get the visitors to your site; you need to get right kind of visitors.

3. Content development

Content creation is the foundation of SEO. Only quality of content can keep your customers on your site and distinguishes you from your competitors. Pay attention to the keyword density and the level of anticipating customers’ need.  Making a comprehensive list of your primary and secondary keywords will help you to achieve your goal.

4. Page optimization

With the help of page optimization, you may get more visitors. Page optimization is about page titles, text-based navigation, placement of targeted keyword phrases, website map, etc. Following the new high-quality, building meaningful content on a continual basis will boost your website traffic.

5. Reporting

It is important how you track your results and report them. You should include detailed information about keyword progress, impact on traffic and ROI. Creating reports every month and comparing them with each other will give you an overview of the progression of SEO.

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