How to start SEO for a new website?

If you are about to press that big, red button to lunch your website, wait for a second. Before launching your website, you should make sure that it will be easy to find your site both for Google and other search engines. The first steps towards SEO will have a significant impact on the website’s potential to rank in Google. Here are the tips for a new website’s SEO. 


Your website’s structure has a considerable impact on its ability to rank. You should do keyword search before launching your website. First of all, you should create the ideal list of keywords for traffic and low competition. The next step is mapping these keywords o the URLs and the pages on your new site.

Titles, subtitles and meta descriptions are also important. The meta description is an HTML attribute that gives concise information about your webpage. Meta descriptions can be any length, but the recommended length is between 50-300 characters. You should include all of the necessary keywords in both the page titles and meta descriptions. This is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website.


Make sure that you have Google-friendly content on your website. Content is one of the essential on-page factors for helping your website rank. Data shows that page with 2000+ words of content rank higher in Google search than pages with short, light content. It does not mean that you should throw all of the words together and create useless content. High-quality content is the base of your interactions with customers and how site achieves top rankings. The content should be relevant to what the user is searching for. Your content should be new and unique for the readers.


You do not need to get hundreds of links quickly, but you need to get quality and authority sites to link to your website. The link building strategy is all about earning links. Here are the ways how you can do it:

– Create unique, creative and purposeful content. This will attract readers, and they will click on your link.

– Promote your content. With the help of the paid advertising, you can reach your target audience easily.

– Find influencers. They should not be famous people. Choose ordinary people who have a decent amount of followers and convince them to take a look at your website. And if your content is of a good quality they will share it anyway.


The additional systems you should include on your website is tracking and analytics. You need to track your ranking. Use of Google’s free tools. Regular tracking can help you to identify opportunities. Before launching you should set up the web and social profiles. Make sure that you link them to website’s footer or header to grow your audience. Representing your website on social media can also help to SEO.

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