What does SEO consultant do?

Deciding to hire SEO consultant is a good idea especially when your site isn’t consistently attracting targeted visitors. But try not to rely on fly-by-night type people who look for ways to deliver quick results, without doing a whole lot of work. SEO consultant should not try all the same tactics for every website. Don’t forget that your business requires a unique set of SEO tactics to succeed. It is important to ask specific questions before sign agreement with your freelance SEO consultant or SEO agency. 

The professional SEO expert will be dedicated to achieving your business goals, and they will bring to your business more customers, more traffic and fantastic rankings. There are certain qualities that you should keep an eye on SEO consultant.

1. Good SEO consultant is also a good content manager

Collecting all the necessary words together and create unique content for your website is an essential part of SEO. SEO consultant should be able to write SEO friendly and engaging text. People are surveying on search engines, not for useless text but an answer. Your SEO consultant must know how to answer their questions. Do not forget “Content is the King.”

2. The only source of success is experience

If you do not want to find yourself full of regrets ask your SEO consultant’s references. The tracks which your SEO specialist left behind actually can tell lots about his\her work experience.

3. Communication skills matter

You need someone who will keep you updated on the progress of work. And of course, you might not be able to understand all of the technical processes. SEO specialist should be the communicative person who will constantly communicate in simple English with you to provide you updates on the fly.

4. Complete Understanding of SEO

The SEO package offered by your SEO consultant can tell you right away whether he\she understands all levels of SEO or not. SEO is not just about on-page optimization which includes the use of keywords in your content and tags. There is also a technical side of SEO which covers the site structure and indexing.

5. Marketing knowledge is the key

The SEO consultant who you are going to work should have the fundamental understanding of marketing. Do not forget you want to optimize your website both for search engines and people. Otherwise, you will get a lot of traffic but no sales.

6. Curiosity

Passion for learning is essential. Though SEO expert is collaborating with you, they should be raising newer trends with you. For SEO consultant it is important in this field to be naturally curious with a desire to learn.

7. SEO is part science and part art

A good SEO consultant should have measuring performance. We understand that SEO is a world full of myths, hijinks, frustration and occasional glory. But, you still need to track the process. So be sure that your SEO consultant will give you reports on a weekly basis.

8. Trustworthiness

Look for an SEO consultant who you can trust. Listen to your gut; it will help you to choose the right person.


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