If you are about to press that big, red button to lunch your website, wait for a second. Before launching your website, you should make sure that it will be easy to find your site both for Google and other search engines. The first steps towards SEO will have a significant impact on the website's potential to rank in Google. Here are the tips for a new website's SEO. 

A full SEO campaign has different steps. Each of these steps is important to achieve success. Though it is hard to say that one step is important more than another, we will try to clarify which aspect of SEO is the most important. Let's begin to understand the process of SEO. 

Think your web designer as your business partner. Your website designer should be good to help you reach your business goals. Whether having a website designed brand new for the first time or redesigning an existing one, your final decision will affect the productivity of your website. Meeting with your web designer must be like an interview. You need to understand his\her approach in order to find the right person for your project. Even 5 minutes will be enough to know your web designer.

Ten years ago it was the success to create a mobile version of your website. But, things have changed. Today's internet users love to use several kinds of electronic devices like iPad, Kindle, netbook and your website needs to look good in all type of devices to survive. Cause, if the users see any troubles about reading text or the quality of images, be sure that they will never revisit your page. Well, it's no secret that there are lots of other choices out there.