The conversion rate is defined as the number of customers who visit a website and perform the desired behaviour and is often expressed as a percentage. Sometimes the desired behaviour is to buy the product and sometimes subscribe to the newsletter.

For a site operated by a company for profit, the conversion rate is the most important statistic. The low conversion rate is like a store where everyone likes to look at their showcase but does not shop. You have a large number of visitors, but no one will buy products or services or subscribe to your newsletter.

To increase your conversion rate, you should focus on what the user sees and experiences.




















Google Adwords is a text-based ad model. The ad that will be served usually consists of lines that you will use within certain limits: “Interesting title”, “Description line”, and “site domain name”.

You pay your ad when someone who clicks, not when it is shown by the advertiser. This fee varies according to the keyword that you want your ad to show on. You need to pay more to get your ad out of the competition and show it in front. In short, it is like a kind of auction system.



1) Review Your Search Terms Report from Current or Old AdWords Campaigns

If you go to your campaign keywords, you can download a search terms report by clicking the details. This report will reveal real search queries by potential customers.

By looking at these search terms, you can identify those that are floating in conversions. If you are available and have sufficient search volume, you should consider them as part of your keyword list.

This can be a “win-win” situation, as it can contain keywords that have already shown effectiveness in terms of conversion, plus possibly a lower avg. CPC, due to the top level of relevance and Quality Score.

2) Keyword Conversion Includes Match Types

When you look at your search terms, it takes time to analyze the mapping pattern. This is a great way to find out what you are looking for and how to use it.

Suppose you run a Real Estate company in the broad match editor (BMM). However, when evaluating your search terms, you notice that most of your keywords are full or sequential matching types.

Once you see this trend, you should re-monitor your campaign’s match type selection strategy.

This usually results in a better conversion rate because your keywords will look much like the way users search for your text. This can also help you increase your campaign’s ROI since your keywords will be more relevant.

3) Evaluate your Text Ads Conversion Rate

A good optimization strategy is to look carefully at your campaign ads to determine which ones are most effective in generating conversions.

As a best practice, you should always add at least two ads per ad group. You can experiment with different headlines, call-to-action messages, descriptions and landing pages for your ads, and perform A / B testing on all of them. By doing this, you’ll have a better chance of improving and fine-tuning your ads to improve your conversions and conversion rate.

Now, you can begin to optimize your ads to increase your conversion rate, assuming you return to the real estate campaign example and receive at least one monthly conversion data.

If you take a look at the ads of each ad group, you’ll probably perform better than others.

To optimize your ads with conversion tracking data, you should look at your ad groups to determine which ad performs best.

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