Client: Maximise


Website Focus: Directory Website

Services Provided: Web Design, Web Development

Business Type: Real Estate

Client Industry: Real Estate

Case Summary:

Imagine simplifying the labor-intensive process of buying or selling a home AND eliminating the real estate agent. Maximize is the disruptive brand doing just that. Learn how our digital agency produced strategic UX and visual design for a revolutionary home purchasing and selling experience.

Business goals for Maximise included leading a new category of online home purchasing and designing a new brand from the ground up. This startup provides a revolutionary way of initiating and facilitating the sale of a home online without requiring the use of a real estate agent. So our agency provided Maximise with user flow analysis, strategic thinking, user experience expertise and stunning web design. The target audience for Maximise is tech savvy, sophisticated and extremely comfortable with online purchasing. Our strategists crafted intuitive user flows while guiding Maximise through business processes that had yet to be ironed out by the engineering team. The new visual design captivates and serves multiple audiences, allowing sellers to list properties without a traditional broker, and enhancing brand loyalty among potential buyers.
























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